Daisy has just finished some work on our garden and to say we’re delighted is an understatement. The garden is completely transformed. Following an initial consultation she put together a planting plan, ordered the plants (which were fantastic quality) and then spent a number of days with us preparing the beds and planting. She has a fantastic range of knowledge and ideas and was a delight to have around, the whole thing was brilliant from start to finish and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

FT, BR3, July 2022

Hi Daisy…Your planting plan was perfect…We are happy with the plan just as it is. Thank you for your time and input.

CS, SE4, May 2022

Thank you so much for what you have created for us…The trees are coming on fine…Absolutely thrilled with it, we are. This garden was nothing till you came along. It’s a little garden, and it’s an awkward shape, but we are thrilled to pieces. So thank you.

AN, BR2, May 2022

I’m really.pleased with my new garden. Daisy came up with some great ideas to start with, and then worked really hard to transform the space from looking lost and uncared for, into a really lovely garden. I am now inspired to look after it properly and keep it looking great. Thank you Daisy. ?

CM, SE19, May 2022

Daisy is a perfectionist and makes it look all so easy. Daisy is very adaptable as to what the client wants and is happy to offer recommendations.

We now have a garden which will be enjoyed for many years, not only by my family, but also passers-by. I would have no hesitation in recommending Daisy.

RB, SE20, April 2022

I have just been out to have another look. That border has been transformed. We can’t wait to see the flowering start. It was great to find you and we have appreciated your professionalism and knowledge and the way you produced our planting scheme and got on with everything. It made me tired to see you working away.

Thank you again for the labelled photos too…We will be delighted to pass on a recommendation when friends admire the scheme.

NL and ML, BR2, January 2022.

The garden looks sooo lovely! Thank you so much for your help…I really appreciate it, and we can’t stop looking at it!!!

AN, BR2, October 2021

I have been meaning to email you for ages to say how much T enjoyed your visit and how pleased she is with the garden and new plants. It looks great!

She says to say hello to you and that she’ll be in touch about doing some work in the back garden (which I think you had a look at for her). Thanks again.

AT on behalf of TB, SE23, October 2021

We thought you’d like to see the finished garden and planting. Really appreciated your help and advice, it made all the difference and gave us the confidence to get it done. We absolutely love the wildflower lawn, it is our favourite part and was a fantastic recommendation.

ST and TT, SE20, October 2021

You’ve done such a super job on the garden. I really appreciate the thought you put into it.

LR, SE26, September 2021

Absolutely delighted with it all! Thank you very much for everything today!

LC, SE15, September 2021

Thanks very much for today!

So much to learn in my new garden, and so much that I could enjoy planting out there!!

It looks tons better already and has inspired me – I was feeling a bit defeated by the much larger garden.

JM, SE22, July 2021

First class. Daisy is so helpful and hardworking, whatever the weather! She has helped me so much with what I call ‘my jungle’. You can see such a difference when she has been…lots of ideas…I cannot recommend her highly enough.

MV, BR3, May 2021

Thank you for all your hard work today. Looks so much better already… And thank you again for everything you did today – it’s looking really good!

KS, SE22, April 2021

We have had such a great experience with Daisy, designing our very bare back garden for us, and then bringing it to life with such care and attention. Daisy really seemed to know what would work best in the garden and what would suit our taste and the result is outstanding. Very happy with her service and would highly recommend.

ST and JT, BR3, April 2021

I have just noted that you sent pictures. You have done a marevellous job.

JB, SE19, March 2021

I would like to thank Daisy for the work she has done so far at our house. In the summer she designed and planted our front garden which has established wonderfully well. She is now in the process of completing our back garden.

Daisy planned the planting scheme with great regard to our wish list, though with her professional flair made suggestions we would never have thought of. She then sourced all the plants and planted them meticulously. In all, this was a very professional service, done punctually and within our prescribed budget. We are delighted with the result.

It was a pleasure working with Daisy and I would highly recommend her services.

GS, BR3, December 2020.

We are loving the plant scheme, we can’t wait till they get all blooming in spring.

AD-M, SW17, December 2020.

We absolutely love what you have done so far on the garden, it looks great, thank you!

Can’t wait for you to start stage 2….:)

RH, BR3, November 2020.

Hi Daisy. The garden looks great. You worked really hard today. Really enjoying the transformation.

RH, BR3, November 2020.

Thanks for your fantastic work on this very grim day. You are helping our little neighbourhood see what our garden can be and we will continue to improve it …And thanks again! Like me, all the neighbours are really pleased, and especially appreciate your hard work in the rain.

BB, SE20, October 2020.

I would recommend Daisy Hayden 100% for plant selection, she did an excellent job in our garden, she is a specialist, not just a gardener.

MB, BR3, September 2020.

Many thanks for all your work yesterday. The lawn looks lovely.

NC-P, SE4, September 2020.

Very happy, [with new pond] thanks so much – and our cat approves of her new watering hole too!

LH, SE20, August 2020.

Thanks so much for your help, it looks really great and I’m really pleased.

RV, SE20, August 2020.

Daisy was great at keeping in regular contact from the moment I first contacted her. We weren’t sure what we wanted in our planters, but Daisy was great at making suggestions and drawing up a plan. The whole process was very efficient and very reasonably priced too. The plants have really brightened up our garden – thank you!

LB, SW12, August 2020.

Daisy is an amazing gardener with a lot of knowledge. My garden has been given a new lease of life and looks wonderful.

JR, SE19, August 2020.

Hi Daisy…you did a great job, thank you, it’s totally transformed the garden!

MJ, BR3, July 2020.

Amazing work Daisy! What a difference that’s made…Thanks so much!

LW, SE20, July 2020.

Daisy tidied up my garden (near Kelsey Park) and then consulted and recommended a Mediterranean, low maintenance planting scheme. As well as ordering all the plants, Daisy also planted them and has continued to maintain the garden about once a month.

The garden looks fantastic. She nailed the design and was sensitive to my budget and style. If you’re after a good gardener, Daisy is the one!

MP, BR3, July 2020.

Lovely meeting you today. The garden looks amazing and the boys are very happy ?.

JR, SE19, June 2020.

Thanks for everything today. Looks super.

PM, SE26, June 2020.

Our thanks for your outstanding service. You listened to our brief and produced a result that was above our expectations. You sourced everything and planted everything up in a quick, efficient and professional manner.
A pleasure to work together. Our best wishes.

GS and SS, BR3, June 2020.

Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job and for the advice.

ED, SE20, May 2020

Thank you Daisy! You’ve made loads of improvements in our unruly space.

EM, SE20, May 2020

The garden looks fab thank you. You did a heroic job in that wet weather!…The other neighbours have all commented that it looks great so we’d love you to come back.

EB, SE26, April 2020

Daisy has transformed our garden, we are so pleased with it. It is so exciting watching it bloom. She did a great job of designing it, sourcing it, and making it happen. She is knowledgeable, hard working and so easy to work with. We would recommend to anyone.

MS and EH, SE20, April 2020

A very happy Easter Sunday to you from our beautiful garden. Thank you for all your hard work to get it to look like it is!

CA, SE4, April 2020

Daisy has really transformed our garden. She provides the perfect balance between being open to the client’s ideas and wishes, but for people such as ourselves (aka clueless and lacking imagination) it’s been wonderful having her ideas and guidance around plants that would complement what’s already there. She is incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her projects, plus a real joy to work with. Can wholeheartedly endorse her to anyone!

CA, SE4, February 2020

I’ve just remembered that I have forgotten to thank you for the planting, and tidying up my patio. It all looks good.

RP, BR3, February 2020

Thank you for today, it’s a great help to have some proper pruning done! The oleander looks great in its new home too.

ML, CR7, February 2020

The garden already looks amazing! Many thanks!

AF, BR3, January 2020

That looks fab, thank you! I am very happy with the result of what you have done, so thank you once again for all your time and effort!

JW, BR3, December 2019

Wow. It looks AMAZING!… I am so excited about watching it come to life over the next few weeks/ months… So grateful, thank you for your time and expertise.

LR, SE19, December 2019

In the few weeks Daisy has been working with me she has already transformed our garden, giving it shape, structure and focus, which it previously lacked. Her knowledge of plants is extensive and her recommendations are invaluable. I am already looking forward to seeing it develop through the coming year.

HD, BR3, December 2019

OMG Daisy, that looks amazing! I just gasped at my desk!…This is going to be great! x

LR, SE19, December 2019

Our tree looks lovely.

GH and TH, SE4, December 2019

It looks fab Daisy. Really lovely.

RF and IW, BR3, December 2019

Daisy the garden looks fabulous. You did an amazing job in a few hours. We would love to have you back…

RF, BR3, November 2019

Daisy is our gardener and is totally brilliant, hardworking and reliable and keeps our garden looking lovely…An all round lovely person too.

JJ, SE20, November 2019

Daisy has done a wonderful job helping us plan, select plants, position, then plant up our garden. She is a delight to work with, very knowledgeable, listened and took our ideas into account, gave great advice and made very helpful suggestions. We are thrilled with the end result and wholeheartedly recommend her services. We look forward to working with her on phase two!

FB and NB, SE26, October 2019

Thank you so much – the garden looks wonderful! Can’t wait for it all to bloom 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work.

CA, SE4, September 2019

Many thanks for yesterday – you have done a great job and the garden looks so much tidier, thank you!

SS, SE26, September 2019

Our garden was completely re-modelled by Daisy and Nigel. I love watching the ferns and grasses develop – they add structure and interest, giving our garden a ‘wild’ feel. We’re just starting to see birds using the bird feeder – a lovely robin yesterday which matched with the good crop of tomatoes… and we’ve also enjoyed picking sweet peas for our kitchen table. It is all very soothing to look at (with soft yellow reclaimed low brick walls and the grass is super-green!). It’s also been low maintenance as requested. Loving the compost bin made by Nigel (big, sturdy, wood). It’s just a very beautiful, restful place to either look at while I’m washing up, or to sit in (when time and weather permit!). Thank you Daisy and Nigel- we really love it!

AM and SM, SE13, September 2019

Thank you for a very helpful meeting, and for your suggestions and expertise, just what I was looking for!

FB, SE26, September 2019

I just got home and saw the garden, it looks so great, thank you.

Thank you also for your work on the front, it already looks a lot better and I’m sure the rose will appreciate the deadheading.

ZH, SE25, August 2019

We have found Daisy to be reliable and thoughtful with her advice about the garden. She works hard and is friendly and approachable. She has only been working in our garden since the spring but already we can see the results and we are very pleased.

SH, SE26, July 2019

Wow! Thank you for the garden, it looks great…Thank you also for the huge list of flowers and plants we can look at for the areas that are a little open now.

SB, SE20, July 2019

So delighted! The passion flower has just bloomed in our garden!! Thank you @thepengegardener – we are absolutely loving our garden transformation!

CB, SE4, July 2019

Garden looks brilliant – had not expected such a transformation! Can’t wait to see how it develops. All the best and thank you so much for all your work so far.

DN and CB, SE4, July 2019.

A big thank you for all your hard work today, Daisy. It looks amazing, and I am so pleased.

MA, BR3, June 2019.

It was so nice to meet you today and thank you very much for doing such an amazing job in the garden in just three hours, and for your advice on how to get started. I feel much more confident now. My husband was very impressed with the job we did too.

JP, SE3, June 2019.

Thanks for all the hard work today. It looks great!

MC, SE20, May 2019.

We found Daisy through Penge Tourist Board and asked her to come round and take a look at our our pretty unloved and disordered garden! She made some fantastic suggestions for what we could do and then came back and helped us remove old plants and install new ones based on her extremely impressive horticultural knowledge. Her changes have instantly made a difference, but we’ve been most impressed by the whole range of flowers over the last six months after the last visit that we’re absolutely delighted with! Daisy’s an absolute pleasure to work with, knows her stuff, and has really helped us transform our garden into a space we love to spend time in.

NP, SE20, May 2019.

Hi Daisy, Just to say thank you so much for the first session on our garden, it’s really great. Really open, and the back area clear really opens it up. Thank you!

Thank you again, look forward to the next time.

SP, SE20, May 2019

Thanks for exceeding our expectations and for squeezing us into your very hectic schedule.

GI, SM6, May 2019

Thank you so much for your work today! It was lovely to meet you and great to get a good start to the garden.

JS, SE13, May 2019

Oh wow Daisy, it looks amazing!!!
Wow oh wow, absolutely love it.
Thank you very much.

FB, SE26, May 2019, re: turfing job.

Thank you so much for all your hard work Daisy. We are so excited about how the garden is going to look. It means the world to us that E’s garden is in such good hands – and I’m sure E would be delighted.

FB, SE26, April 2019.

Just to say another big ‘thank you’ Daisy. Garden is already looking amazing and I’m very grateful and can’t thank you enough. You work so hard!! I do appreciate it.

MA, BR3, April 2019.

Many thanks Daisy. It’s made a real difference.

JG, BR3, March 2019.

Thank you so much, and for such a terrific job.

A-ML, BR3, March 2019.

We’ve been using Daisy for gardening services in the past year. She is really nice, always on time, and most importantly the garden looks great. We would highly recommend using her services.

OK and NK, SE20, March 2019.

Thank you so much Daisy for all your hard work. So pleased you’re not too daunted and will return….I’ve a feeling this is going to be fantastic. So happy.

MA, BR3, February 2019.

Definitely recommend Daisy Hayden. She’s a great gardener as well as being reliable, lovely and not expensive.

JJ, SE20, November 2018.

Daisy has been a great inspiration, and lovely to work with! In very short order, and for a very affordable price, she whipped up a terrific plan for transforming my woefully under-planted front garden into a gorgeous cottage garden, and helped me implement it over several weeks. She was skilled and enthusiastic in incorporating my ideas and preferences into the plan, and also generous in answering questions over email. My neighbours have deemed her my “gardening teacher” and I look forward to working with her in future.

RF, SE20, November 2018.

Hi Daisy, thank you so much for your work…and also for the amazing list of plants you sent, it’s just fantastic!

ZH, SE25, October 2018.

Thanks Daisy and Nigel, really great job! We’re all delighted!

GR, SE20, September 2018.

Daisy Hayden did some work in my garden – brilliant! Very professional, good price and Daisy even went out of her way to purchase plants on my behalf to save me the time. Highly recommend.

A-MC, SE25, August 2018

…Thank you so much for your ideas, they have been very helpful. I have been very impressed…I just wanted to say thank you!

OC, BR1, June 2018

We absolutely love you, you’ve done a fantastic job…the garden is already looking so much better.

SG, SE26, June 2018

Thanks for your planting and advice Daisy. You were brilliant! xxxx

GB, SE20, May 2018

You’ve done a lovely job so it may only need occasional maintenance…Thank you again for today, it looks lovely!

JM, SE20, April 2018

The shrubs are very well pruned into lovely shapes. Thank you.

WC, SE20, September 2017

Daisy has worked miracles on our shrubs and flowerbeds in a very short space of time. She has made the garden more spacious and beautiful than ever. She is very friendly and reliable, and I would highly recommend her.

JJ, SE20, July 2017

Daisy has transformed my garden with her expertise and knowledge of plants. I am so confident in her ability, I just let her potter away.

GR, SE20, June 2017

Thank you Daisy for the sterling work you did in our garden. It is so uplifting looking at all the pruning you did, especially the magnolia, which is a joy to look at now. Thanks again for your help. See you again soon.

SC, SE19, October 2016

We had Daisy come out today for a couple of hours to tidy up our front garden and plant some flowers – excellent job and we would definitely recommend her!

PK, SE19, May 2016

Daisy did an absolutely brilliant job tidying up our front garden. She is very friendly, reliable and reasonable. I will definitely look to use her again.

JJ, SE20, March 2016.

Daisy Hayden is a delightful gardener, full of enthusiasm and creative ideas. She is hard-working, diligent and reliable. She offers both serious expertise muscle power. Her charges are entirely reasonable in view of all she has to offer. Thoroughly recommended!

PG and LG, SE20, November 2015.

Daisy has been fantastic in sorting out our overgrown back and front gardens. She’s advised us on plants and landscaping. Daisy has come many times now, she’s always positive, punctual and conscientious, her pricing is very fair and she always leaves everything neat and tidy. I finally look forward to sitting in our garden. I recommend Daisy to everyone.

M-L E, Crystal Palace, on Facebook, August 2015.

Daisy has been excellent in helping us to plant our beds, from advising, planning, preparing the beds to the final planting. Great to find a friendly local gardener. Will recommend.

PYM, Crystal Palace, on Facebook, August 2015.

Daisy is a wonderful gardener, hard working and very knowledgeable, and she passes this knowledge on with charismatic ease. A pleasure to have in your home and garden.

NR, South Norwood, June 2015.

I can recommend Daisy Hayden. She cleared the brambles from the front garden and offered really good advice on maintenance and planting. Very reasonable too.

KW, Crystal Palace, May 2015.

Have tools, will travel!