Wildflower Turf for Sloping Garden

Wildflower turf for orchard section of informal sloping garden.

Turf laid and patio slabs cleared.

Turf down

Fruit trees pruned and re-staked. Soil ready for meadow turf.

Pruning done. Soil in preparation.


The client wanted to reflect the natural environment of the woodland park outside and to give a country orchard feel to the fruit trees section.

So I cleared the weeds, tilthed the soil and laid approximately 18m2 of wildflowerturf.co.uk Native Enriched mix in half of the upper lawn section.

I also started on the patio weeds. The garden has a lot of potential so I hope the client will invite me back, as there is a lot to do. I hope to show photographs of the colourful meadow in summer.

Have tools, will travel!