Planting for Year Round Interest

Showing how a garden changes from early to late spring, and the influence of extreme weather conditions resulting from climate change.

I am just posting a few images from one of my favourite gardens, showing the transition from April to May blooms. With a cold, dry spring, daffodils, tulips and bluebells, as well as hellebores and mimosa all bloomed at rhe same time.

Now we are well into May the aquilegia and erysimum are looking good, but the alliums and roses are really taking their time as its cold, rainy and windy. Salvias have suffered frost damage and are only just starting to sprout, though the blue ceanothus and ajuga are both good this year – they seemed to theive on the dry spring.

So, I hope this provides some info on the importance of weather conditions and climate patterns on plants – they adhere to these, not a monthly or weekly calendar.

Have tools, will travel!