Ornamental but Tough Car Park Shrubs

Modern block with carpark planting to match.

This was a departure from my usual private garden project, but I took it on because it was a challenge, and also the site very visible from a fairly dreary road so the planting would brighten the whole area.

I chose a lot of standard ‘municipal’ plants that you see around, mainly because they are hardy and drought tolerant. There is contrast in foliage colour, shape and texture, some thorny stems and plenty of flowers and berries to come. The plants soften the space and somehow bring it together into a more cohesive welcoming, rather rhan just functional space. The block is modern and angular so I had to provide harmony with this too.

Me and my helper got lots of encouaging comments and nice feedback from residents and passers by…I just need to remember to pop round and water as the soil is very dry.

I will post updates in a few weeks when the plants have had a chance to establish.

Have tools, will travel!