Mediterranean, Woodland, Cottage, Water Garden

Year round planting and always something to enjoy in this garden including several different environments in one space.

Cottage garden section on right is at its best in summer.

Aconite and violets in woodland.

Mediterranean section including Mimosa in bloom.

Woodland ground cover.

Echinaceas planted today in this sunny Mediterranean border.

Hellebores in woodland section.

Rosemary and Hellebores

I have been developing and maintaining this garden in Beckenham for over a year now. I have added to the different sections to provide year round colour, interest and cheerful, bright blooms. Now its spring the narcissi, mimosa and primroses are providing yellowa from lemon to apricot, plus purple violets and white and crimson hellebores in the shade sections. Looking forward to the new standrard roses in June, plus salvias and other perennials throughout the summer.

Have tools, will travel!