Landscaping Wildlife Garden: Work in Progress

From paved area to reclaimed wildlife haven. Watch this space for patio, pond and plant updates.

Slabs to be embedded flush with ground, on ballast and sharp sand.

Work in progress.

Planting will be added around the bench and pond.

A quick update on this Norwood small garden transformation. The client is chamging a previously paved garden to an urban wildlife oasis.

The client and I have taken up/ given away/ reused the old concrete slabs that covered the whole garden. I used some of the broken slabs to provide support to the teak offcuts bench under the Pittosporum and Broom trees. The bench is amgled to where the pond will be and is now underplanted with drought tolerant ground cover. The vintage Bradstone blocks that previously supported raised beds will be repurposed as a winding path, and the patio slabs are currently being replaced with a Chelmer Valley paver patio by landscapers, A New Garden.

Finally some shrubs have been temporily transplanted to the edge of the garden, but these will all be arranged and added to with native mixed planting to provide wildlife habitat and year round foliage, stems, berries and flower interest.

Have tools, will travel!