Family Garden Renovation: Before and During

Showing work involved in preparing borders for planting.

Big shrubs are in, end of day 2.

The tree surgeons (Roots Manoeuvred) did a great job on the Snowberry.

Big screening shrubs ready for planting.

Clearing left hand border and raised bed.

Bamboo to be dealt with – the worst rhizomes are invisible, six inches underground.

Cherry, raspberries and brambles on left to be tidied.

Snowberry to be removed, and raised bed cleared.

I wanted to show some of the effort and process involved in renovating and planting a large family garden.

The clients wanted screening shrubs on the right, year round colour and interest on the left, colour and herbs front left and a replacement for the our of control Snowberry front right.

Once my planting plan had been approved, and everything ordered the first task was to prune and dig out the bamboo rhizomes encroaching across the garden from the neighbours on the right. This took the best park of a day.

Then pruning and clearing the left hand border of raspberry canes (leaving some) and brambles and other weeds, plus pruning and shaping the two ornamental cherries. I also hacked away at the Snowberry to make it easier for the tree surgeons to dig out the football the next day.

Planting large shrubs on the right was next: three 130L Amelanchiers, one 60L Eleagnus, two 30L Cornus alba Elegantissimas and a 20L Cotinus Grace to start with.

New shrubs in situ will be shown in next post.

Have tools, will travel!