Autumn to winter colour

The conditions are perfect for Cyclamen at the moment – crisp and cold. These should flower all autumn and winter if not too wet. I particularly love the variegated pink and white variety. These and the red and white blooms are all from Floral Hall, Norwood, whose prices are very reasonable.P1070034

Propagation: Breaking the rules

My neighbour ‘gave’ me an Abutilon in July (just out of shot), and the Clematis, Pelargonium and roses came from Scotland in August. I removed a few leaves, stuck them in compost in a sunny window, and after one month most of them are doing really well – though certain experts would say this should be done much earlier in the year, using hormone rooting powder. Anyway watch this space for progress.P1060970

Is it Autumn yet?

With heavy downpours punctuated by warm sunshine, cold night and light winds, it’s no wonder the plants are confused. The foliage on this trailing nasturtium is going crazy, and the climbing fuschia has doubled in size in three weeks, and now can’t decide whether to flower…but at least there are no leaves to rake yet!P1060971 P1060972

Bedraggled Bank Holiday

P1060858I finally managed to spend some time in my much neglected garden on one of the rainiest days of the year. There is passion fruit and Buddleja flowers and a lot of weeds. Jobs done included weeding (minimal), pruning (again, will return to it in the next dry spell) and dividing and moving Crocosmia and Iris sibirica rhizomes. Hopefully I’ll have some fantastic blooms spread around the garden next summer. Also I have a trailing nasturtium which has gone crazy – which is strange because they are supposed to prefer stony mediterranean soil and full sun, as opposed to London clay and incessant rain.

Clematis delights


I love this late flowering Clematis viticella (0ne of our native species) ‘Alba luxurians’ variety. The cuttings survived a long hot train journey back down south, so watch this space for progress updates!

May 2015


GardenMay2015.                                                               My SE20 garden, May 2015. Ivy pruned, azalea blooming, two of three phormiums removed and replaced by rhubarb, and a twisty witch hazel (Corylus avellana ‘contorta’).

Before I moved in…

The potential of this quirky walled garden at the side of the house appealed to me. The phormiums were wilting and unhappy and obscuring the palm, and it was shady and overgrown, but I loved it. This was October 2014, I was in by January.GardenOct14

Passion flower

IMAG3013[1]The passion flower (Passiflora caerulea) has been amazing this year. It loves a host shrub such as jasmine, laurel, or as here, my enormous bay hedge.

Have tools, will travel!