Spring Projects

edfcofcofcofApologies for the lack of blog posts, but I don’t have much time to write them, and have neglected my garden for the past year…until now!!

I had been considering extending onto the waste ground at the side of the house, and one Sunday when I found a couple of spare hours, I went for it.

So, as of 3 April, the old fence is down, ground cleared and levelled and fence going up tomorrow. Pond and aquatic plants purchased, plus I acquired a couple of small conifers and some bulrushes from a kind neighbour on PTB who was giving them away.

In the established part of the garden I have had narcissi and primroses, and tulips and Chaelonomes are currently in bloom.

My Clematis armandii is finally established, and should look even better next year.

Finally I am just sharing these black hyacinths because they are so stunning. Was never a fan of hyacinths but these are so dramatic (planted by me but chosen by a client) I will definitely plant some this autumn, probably mixed in with white double headed narcissi that I have noticed this year.

Have tools, will travel!